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1962-2012  50 years with Sloughis

New Gazehound Racing Champion in straight racing, SSARA December 7
46th GRC for the breed in the USA
V'Nawal Shi'Rayan, GRC

New Superior Gazehound Racing Champion in straight racing, SSARA December 6
16th SGRC for the breed sloughi in the USA
Suhaymah Shi'Rayan SGRC

The 2 brindle Sloughis on this photo are Sebegu and Mouja
They were bred by Belgacem Ben Ali in Tunisia and imported by Liz Gross von Huebbenet (Nuri al Baida, Germany)
They were supposed to stay about 3 months with us until Liz could find a way to register them. That was in 2008.
They are still here
Now the 2 dogs have outlived their commercial value and have been dumped at Shi'Rayan
with outstanding veterinarian ($589.96) and food bills
Nuri al Baida has a new Tunisian toy now and dumps the old ones
So sad, when one thinks that Sebegu is the father of this woman's C litter
Beware of commercial breeders and their so-called "love" of the breed
It is all about money

It has been a while since one of our Sloughis have won this.
So we are very happy with Saff's achievement

Amal  becomes Superior Gazehound Racing Champion 2,
Only 6 Sloughis have achieved this title so far since the beginning of LGRA (sprint racing) in 1995, 5 are males, 1 is a Sloughia.
 Amal becomes the first African bred and the second Sloughia to achieve this difficult title in the history of the breed in the USA

Amal coursing. Photo Joe Stewart

Ellen Brady died
her 3 Sloughis are back with us
Rasha, Ra'Id and Qhalisah Shi'Rayan

Grace, Ch. Shi'Rayan's Tamima at McHan, CGC
New Canine Good Citizen
presented here as she won big at a show in Richmond

Congratulations to owner Nancy Lovelady

V'Fa'Iz Shi'Rayan
 BOB Sloughi and new Swedish Champion

Sighthound Show Vännäs, Sweden, June 15
 Judge Marie Gadolin

BOB Sloughi in Lure-coursing and new Swedish Lure Coursing Champion
Nat LC Krånge, June 22
Judges S. Leifors and Y. Charlesdotter

Congratulations to owner Ingela Naeslund (Tillieville)

V'Hadiyyah Shi'Rayan finishes # 4 Sloughia for 2013
in the highly competitive German show scene
Congratulations to her owners Claudia and Christian Uhink, Cora Nurnberger (Ksar Ghilane)

Photo Anja Schwarzat

New Superior Gazehound Racing Champion (SGRC)
Ch. Phareeda Shi'Rayan, ORC
SSARA March 8

Ch.V'Atiya Shi'Rayan finishes # 1 Sloughi in the UKC system 2013
Wins an AKC award of Merit, Superstition Kennel Club, Scottsdale, Arizona March 2

Congratulations to owner Gayle Sutton

Ch. V'Jada Shi'Rayan
  #2 Sloughi in UKC 2013
Best wishes to owner Kathleen True

Owner: Kathleen True, USA
Breeder: Dr. Dominique de Caprona

# 1 Sloughi in NOTRA (Amateur Oval Racing)
Bensekrane's Saff at Shi'Rayan

Owned by Shi'Rayan
Breeder: Nabil Medjoub (Algeria)

# 1 Sloughi in LGRA (Amateur Sprint racing)
Sameer Shi'Rayan, SGRC4

January 5 2014, Ch.Ibtsama Shi'Rayan, GRC, F.Ch, turns 14 years old

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