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New entry page for the Preserving the Sloughi website

Check out updates of the Association for the Support of North African Sloughis

1962-2012  50 years with Sloughis

Update on Tunisians Sebegu and Mouja

Another tragedy, another life lost
Qarima "Zuri" Shi'Rayan who belonged to Ann Calhoun is now back with us
After a very long trip across the continent with Bernd
We thank Alan Segal and Mary Leizear for their help

May 25, NARC, Ramsey, Minnesota
NEW Oval Racing Champion
Bensekrane's Rsassa Shi'Rayan, GRC, ORC
Our lovely spunky Algerian Sloughia

Abdelmouhamene Fidjel (Algeria)
Owners Dominique de Caprona & Bernd Fritzsch

April 18-19, Show and Coursing in
Gut Basthorst, Germany
V'Hadiyyah Shi'Rayan wins Excellent 1, CAC, VDH, Best female and Best Of Breed
She thus finishes her title of DWZRV Champion.
In Coursing, V'Hadiyyah places second and wins the Beauty and Performance Award
Huge congratulations to owner/handler Claudia Uhink, Christian Uhink and Cora Nuernberger

CAC show Stendal June 27

V'Hadiyyah is Excellent 1, VDH, Best female, Best Of Breed and Best In Show 3 (behind Magyar Agar and Afghan)
Way to go!!! :-)

New Gazehound Racing Champion, SSARA LGRA race meet March 29
Bensekrane's Saff at Shi'Rayan

New AKC Certificate of Merit and Best of Breed
February 28, March 1
V'Jada Shi'Rayan

Congratulations to owner Kathleen True

January 5 2015, Ch. Ibtsama Shi'Rayan. GRC, F.Ch.
Turns 15 years old

V'Nawal Shi'Rayan, GRC
#1 Sloughi in Straight Racing 2014 (LGRA)
Winner of the Nubia Memorial Cup 2014 for best performance Sloughi!!
100% African (Saff Shi'Rayan x Amal, ORC, SGRC2)

Rsassa Shi'Rayan, GRC
# 1 Sloughi in Oval Racing (NOTRA)
100% African, imported from Algeria

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