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New entry page for the Preserving the Sloughi website

Check out updates of the Association for the Support of North African Sloughis

1962-2012  50 years with Sloughis

Update on Tunisians Sebegu and Mouja

Ulfah and Saber Shi'Rayan finish their big SGRC titles in Straight Racing
SSARA December 19-20
Ulfah wins the big Sloughi Performance title: the Nubia Memorial Cup 2016
Following the paw prints of 6 Nubia Cup winners in her ancestry

Ulfah Shi'Rayan , SGRC

Saber Shi'Rayan, SGRC

Two beautiful litters

I litter Ksar Ghilane, by Mahal Schuru-esch-Schams out of V'Hadiyyah Shi'Rayan
9 puppies born November 13 2016 in Germany, 4 females 5 males
Breeders: Cora Nuernberger and Ylenia Gasparini

  Ylenia Gasparini

B litter Qalb Elassad, by El Rieh Ksar Ghilane out of Elegantin Magma
11 puppies born November 22 2016 in Finland, 7 females, 4 males
with most of our Sloughis that established milestones for the breed in the USA in their pedigree
Breeder: Pia Chaouki

  Pia Chaouki

We are very pleased with the success of a litter that was born in Germany as a result
of a team work between North African (Algeria, Morocco), German breeding (Ksar Ghilane) and ours. 
Parents: Multi Ch. Dagash Ksar Ghilane x V'Hadiyyah Shi'Rayan
Congratulations to the owners and the breeders Cora Nuernberger & Ylenia Gasparini!!

Ghanem Ksar Ghilane wins the European and German Championships in lure coursing 2016
Ch. Ganoosh Areen Ksar Ghilane is the World winner in racing, Toulouse 2016

And Holland Coursing Cup winner 2016 for male Sloughis is Gabr Ghazelle Ksar Ghilane with white blanket!
These 3 brothers are superlative!

January 5 2016, our Multi Ch. Ibtsama Shi'Rayan, GRC, F.Ch turns 16 years old
She sends love to all her descendants in the USA and Europe

There are many Sloughis in Germany but
V'Hadiyyah Shi'Rayan managed to finished # 9 for 2015 (out of 26 females) in lure coursing (DWZRV)
Congratulations to owners Claudia & Christian Uhink and Cora Nuernberger

Congratulations to her sons
Ghanem and Ganoosh Areen Ksar Ghilane also for finishing #3 and #5 for the males respectively

Number 1 Sloughi in non commercial straight racing 2015 (LGRA) is
Bensekrane's Saff at Shi'Rayan, GRC

Number 1 Sloughi in non commercial oval racing 2015 (NOTRA) is
Bensekrane's Rsassa at Shi'Rayan

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