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New entry page for the Preserving the Sloughi website

Check out updates of the Association for the Support of North African Sloughis

1962-2017  55 years with Sloughis

Update on Tunisians Sebegu and Mouja

Congratulations to new IABCA  International Ch. V'Atiya Shi'Rayan and her owner Gayle Sutton
February 19

Our own Dominique de Caprona publishes an article "Understanding the Sloughi"
in the Winter issue of Sighthound Review 2017
upon request from the editor

Congratulations to Grace, International Ch. Shi'Rayan's Tamima at McHan, CGC and her owner Nancy Lovelady
for her 2 pts BOB win at the
Kennel Club of Palm Springs, CA, January 7

Lovelady 2017

 Ulfah and Saber Shi'Rayan finish their big SGRC titles in Straight Racing
SSARA December 19-20
Ulfah wins the big Sloughi Performance title: the Nubia Memorial Cup 2016
Following the paw prints of 6 Nubia Cup winners in her ancestry

Ulfah Shi'Rayan , SGRC

de Caprona

Saber Shi'Rayan, SGRC

de Caprona

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